Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014

Unboxing: The cat is stealing your money! | Cat tip box from Japan

This is our first review of a Japanese tip box. I bought it at the Leipzig bookfair this year. It just caught my eyes, because I had seen it before in another maid café, so I just bought it. 
I will also use it for the maid café I'm working, together with all the other Pastel Girls. It is quite funny and cute and a good way to make people happy, the moment they are giving a tip. It is like a nice "Thank-You". The cat is so cute, just as Sandy's snigger in the video. It isn't something really hightech like, but quite cute and an absolute plus to your café. 

About this product:

If saving money is one of your goals for the year, then here's a great way to do it! This amazing product from the Shine corporation features a box, but hidden inside is a cute little cat who will pop out and paw away at any money that's left on the plate. The cat will make meowing noises too! So adorable you'll want to see it in action again and again. Measures 10x12x10 cm (4x4.7x4 inches).

We just can advice to buy one as well. Jlist is selling some of them Just spend a look here. I hope you liked our little unboxing.
See you soon again guys!

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