Dienstag, 29. April 2014

Welcome to our Pastel☆World!

Hello everyone~

This introduction is in english for all of our future readers. Sometimes we will write in german so let us know if you need an english translation.

Welcome everybody to our first blog! What are we doing here? You can check out the sidebars to get a glimpse of what we are going to post about in the future. If you have any requests or wishes so far please let us know.

Actually we are four ordinary girls who enjoy doing what they do. We enjoy different cultures, different music, fashion and food. We want to share our young spirits and minds with you and also keep all the sweet memories of our youth for the "future-ourselves", like a photo album full of memories.

We are no professionals and we do not intend to be. Celebrities shine in bright colours, in a wild red, a deep blue or a bright yellow. But we are normal girls that's why our colours are a little bit dull and soft. We are Pastel☆Girls.

Lauri, Sandy, Minah, Lu

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