Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

It's Pastel☆Circus!

Hello dear readers!

Actually we are preparing ourselves for the maid cafe at the ongaku matsuri next weekend! We are busy practicing new dance covers and working on our live programme! But today we take the time to talk about our last live experience when we had visited Melissa Lee's beautiful shop <3

This day was so chaotic! We finished our costumes just in time and it was super hot on that day too! So we were already melting on the way to the party. When we arrived at the shop we already met some nice people~ Although we thought that it was a "circus-themed" party almost nobody was dressed that kind. We worked really hard to create a circus-look. Whatever we enjoyed it, a few people also thought we are a band *__*

We ate some delicious cheesecake and drank some beer hoho before we watched the two other artists who were performing. There was a very unique sopranist who impressed all with his singing! Right after that we listened to some mentalism. It was mind blowing and pretty interesting~

Than it was time for us to perform our 4 songs Valentines Day Kiss, Mite Mite Kochichi, Paparazzi and Lamb. We danced on a difficult surface... with almost no lights and cars that drove really close to us. We did our best, although we made a few mistakes! And Lu was very ill and had no voice at all! We are very thankful that we could perform and that she did her best even though she was in pain <3 Our lovely Lu <3

You can watch our "follow us around"-video to get more impressions of that day.
Thank you Melissa for inviting us! Happy Birthday and good luck and success for your shop!!!

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