Montag, 2. Februar 2015

POP ASIA Barcamp!

PastelGirls united!
Sandy, Rina, Lauri, Minah
Minna~~~~~~ konnichiwa!!

Shortly after the Japan Festival we were invited to perform live at the POP ASIA Barcamp in Berlin. We also mentioned it in our last entry.

But we did not only perform live, we also kinda worked as Maids and supported the catering of the Barcamp. Therefore we prepared a lot of sweet cakes and cupcakes. Lu and Nhi also helped out <3 They were really sweet and hard working!

We arrived at 10 o'clock and prepared all the maid stuff, then we got changed for our maid costumes. Around 13 o'clock it was lunch time~~~~ Due to an onigiri workshop all visitors got the chance to fill there stomach with soo many delicious rice balls! There even was a kimchi flavoured onigiri <3

sweet cake and cupcakes
Lauri & Minah
At 17 o'clock we started our mini live concert. We introduced our project and also some fan chants from Japan (wotagei). The audience was SO amazing! They were supportive and brave enough to cheer sometimes! We felt soo happy about it! Sometimes the music was hard to hear and it even stopped once but the audience cheered for us and we got our smiles back and tried even harder!

Sandy wearing baby blue maid dress

Thank you for watching everyone!!

January is over and all of us are super tired, that's why we even cancelled one practice day. But we have more plans for the future. So we are going to work hard again!

With love, Pastel Girls

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