Dienstag, 14. April 2015

Pastel Hanami ! Sandys Birthday!

Hey guys, it's been a month since our last entry. A lot of things happened though!

Sandy visited Japan for 2 weeks and she had a safe and wonderful trip! Maybe she is going to share some experiences here as well. ^^ Would you like to read about it or watch a video? Maybe you have some questions for her to answer? Write them in the comment box or message us on youtube and facebook.

Apropos video! Did you watch the new video of Lauri??? She recorded a shopping haul and it's so cute!! She really looks gorgeous in pastel goth clothes! Don't you think? Watch it~

We are currently preparing for the DoKomi dance off contest and also for the flashmob dance cover of "39". The German convention takes place in Düsseldorf 23&24 of May. So we are quite busy X__X

But on last sunday we celebrated the cherry blossom festival "Hanami"in Berlin. It was also Sandys birthday. (12.04.) We were really lucky and had great weather, although it was a bit cold in the end. Because the event took place on sunday that means we also had dance practice. We even started one hour earlier! Phew~ After practicing we prepared ourselves, put make up and dresses on and went to the festival.

As always there were some really nice sales stalls with a lot of stuff including asian food, manga, anime and also asian clothes and kites. We also met Mademoiselle Oppossum again XD
Mainly we were just sitting around enjoying the view of the cherry blossoms which were soo beautiful!! And we also took some photos and polaroids.

We gained another sweet memories in our pastel life~
BTW: Happy blackday to all those singles out there :P See you soon ~

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