Dienstag, 5. Mai 2015

1000 Subscribers THANK YOU - GIVEAWAY!!! + info~

It's time to announce our special giveaway for reaching over 1000 subscribers on Youtube. It's a lovely gift we make for you because you're watching our videos and give us some feedback from time to time.

For more information just watch this video please and comment and subscribe to win some veeeery cute prices!! You have time until the 31st of May.

Also we are glad to hear some feedback from you and that a lot of people are already joining the giveaway. Please do so in the future, we would love to communicate with you <3 *__*

We also uploaded our last mature dance cover. It's AOA's like a cat. How do you like it? To watch the video please visit our facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/pastelgirls

2 of our girls were featured on the instagram of photographer Paul Pond
You can follow for pictures of Sandy and Lauri this way~>


And maybe you already know we are so busy to prepare for the DoKomi Dance Off Contest which will be in already 3 weeks!!! These will be our outfits in yellow and blue. Hopefully we'll make it and can present you a special performance <3

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