Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

DoKomi Day 1 - Saturday

Hello girls and boys!!

We are back from the DoKomi, Anime&Manga Convention in Düsseldorf Germany. We had a very safe trip by plane and train. So everything went well !! So lucky~

On the first day we were pretty nervous because around 3pm the Dance Off Contest started. Previously they showed two videos of Melochin, Apricot, Tadanon, Bouto = dancers from Japan in which they encouraged all participants with a sweet message~
You can watch the message videos here at the beginning -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kYdcBd6jbM
Because we were so nervous we did not have time so walk around that much or buy a lot. We practiced two times in a secret corner and then we waited for the contest to begin. Backstage we met all the other dancers and even made a group photo. Then the contest started!

We were #8 and already most of the groups peformed their dances. We enjoyed the most of them! They were pretty funny some of them were awesome with so much skills!

We were a little bit unsure when exactly the results would come out. So we wanted to be safe and after Machigeritas concert we sat down again in the great hall to wait for the award ceremony. Indeed it was the right time! Last year they hold the ceremony on sunday.

In the end we won 4th place and were mega happy! We also were pretty happy about the first place winners because they are from the same city and did a fantastic performance! After the whole award ceremony we talked to the other dancers. Some of them broke out in tears it was so heartbreaking to see them cry. They gave their best but the jury seemed not to be familiar with odottemita/odorite , that's what we guess!

We hope that next year there will be a better contest with some guidelines to follow because it makes it easier for all dancers and the jury to compare and judge

Have a look at our peformance! See you again in the next entry we talk about DoKomi day 2 <3 Bai baii!!!

Sandy & Lauri
Minah & Rina

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