Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

Ready, Set, GO! DoKomi!

Hello everybody~
All things are packed and we are excited to begin our journey to Düsseldorf for DoKomi. We are flying with a plane tomorrow morning and will return on sunday evening. If you are attending the convention too you can always have a chat with us! :D

Well we have been practicing a lot for this moment! And hopefully it will turn out great so we can enthuse the audience~ BTW where are all the WOTAS??? Prepare yourself for our idol-performance ❤❤❤

We even made our own clothes for the Dance Off Contest. How do you like them? Sandy and Lauri wearing them for our final practice!

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Sandy and Lauri are dancing to the funny dance Youkai Exercise. Minah gets nosebleeds from all the uniform-cuteness <3 Watch it! (BTW the pink uniform was Sandys birthday present. It suits her well, don't you think?)

And if you want to know something about sewing some cute accessory on your own, you can follow Minahs bow tutorial on our channel. 

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