Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

Cosplay make-up: Momoi Satsuki | Kuroko no basuke

Hello out there!

This time it's our first make-up "tutorial" rather sharing a cosplay make-up. I am recently hooked on the anime "Kuroko no Basuke". Well yes it's another sports anime.... and yes it's also another(!) anime regarding basketball... but hey, the characters are designed so lovely and they all have so interesting personalities you can't stop watching it. My favourite guy is actually Hyuuga shhh :) This anime contains friendship, ambitions, hard working, jokes and puns and stuff like that.

Well because I'm going to cosplay Momoi Satsuki I thought I could share my try on her make-up and so on. Although she can be annoying sometimes... She is wearing a school uniform that's enough fillip to cosplay~ I love uniforms haha.

I already had these pink contact lenses (my Cure Muse/Pretty Cure Cosplay) and I always wanted to wear a pink wig! So exciting~ The school uniform is the one Momoi is wearing when she was at Teiko Junior High School. As soon as I made some pictures of the finished cosplay I will add them here!

Please enjoy watching the video below and feel free to ask or comment of course! ^__^ Especially tell me your opinion on the false eyelashes, I'm not sure about it!


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