Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014

Would you like to have something to drink? - MAID☆EDITION

All Pastel Girls are sometimes working as maids in a maid cafe. You probably know this phenomenon from Japan where girls put themselves in a lovely maid dress and serve delicious often sweet things. It's an enjoyable but also stressful job. <3 But we love it~ Hopefully we will have our original maid uniforms in future. When the time has come we will post photos of course!

On Valentine's Day we uploaded a dance cover wearing maid dresses. It has been watched already almost a 1000 times! Thank you!!

If YOU want to know how we transform ourselves into little cute maids, you can watch Lauri's video in which she is going to show you how she prepares herself for the work as a maid. Please enjoy~

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